How to Style Hoodies Streetwear - 2019 Fashion Trends for Hoodies

2019 Fashion Trends for Hoodies

What up fellas is your boy Johnny today we are gonna be talking hoodie life. Look today we're gonna be talking about how to style the hoodie. So hoodies have always been looked down upon as "don't care you look boy" look shut up man! Besides the hoodie is actually one of the most versatile pieces that'll get you looking fly. Today I'm gonna talk to guys about three ways I like to style the hoodie. "Wait hold up where do you get your hoodies Johnny" H&M or Newretro.Net or Gildan ones from Amazon.

Underneath a Jacket

Underneath a Jacket 2019 Fashion Trends for Hoodies

So let's start off with the first way to style it and the most common way underneath a jacket. So when getting a hoodie I definitely recommend getting a very neutral hoodie I'm talking about all black or all greys all olives, all creams because they're so neutral you can use them to color-block very easily without even trying hard. I would keep it oversized because the extra fabric is great for layering and it's just super comfortable. So let me clarify it by jackets I just mean wearing it under a layering piece. The most common ways are underneath a leather jacket there's also bombers, flannels, denim jackets, overcoats there's just something about how the hoodie flops over the collar it's a great look and it adds layers of depths and dimensions to your outfits and in order to pull this look off properly focus on what the hoodie is contrasting. So for me I like to contrast it mostly against my shoes so if I'm wearing the bred ones then of course I'm going to rock on 
Olive hoodie. if I'm going to contrast it against my black pants and I'm probably gonna wear this right here cream hoodie and a light denim jacket. Because both of these pieces are a lighter tone they perfectly contrast with these dark pants so yeah boys wear it under a jacket and get your color blocking on point.



next up a very common way to style it athleisure so if you're gonna go down this route I definitely recommend wearing a more fitted hoodie or a cut-off foot if you have those feelings of being a douche. Nothing wrong with this, sometimes I feel like being a douche and wearing tank tops to the gym athletic dude athletic fit. Now this way of course you want to rock as if you were about to hit them weights  so rocking them with track pants or compression pants let's face it, those are leggings along with shorts and a low top pair of kicks that's the way to go. Athleisure is pretty simple it's not my favorite way to rock a hoodie and a hoodies not my favorite way to rock athleisure. I'd rather be a douchebag I can wear a tank top but if you like this with the athleisure look it's totally cool it's super clean and super comfortable.



Last but not least is another favorite of mine individually. if you're gonna wear it individually I definitely recommend going a little extra with your outfit because the  hoodie is very basic it's almost like wearing a basic crew neck shirt. So you  want the rest of your outfit to make up for that basicness and how do you do  that well one can rock a different design hoodie over your basic one. So I'm  talking about a brand if you know from supreme kiff champion whatever you guys  like since that logo stands out so much the other parts of your outfits do not  have to stand out either. Let's just say you want to rock the basic hoodie no logo no unique design elements whoa I like to rock these hoodies with  accessories. Alright fellas I hope this article and helps youout hoodies. Visit Newretro.Net for the best and affordable streetwear outfits.

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