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6 Futuristic, Synthwave, Retrowave Games

There are Some Good Futuristic Games! Here we go; COD: Infinite Warfare – Zombies in Spaceland Zombies in Spaceland is a DLC of « Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare » accessible since November 2016. It's basically the new « Zombie mode » of the last Call of Duty yet with a Retro 80 soul. The story is an appearance to thump out the most walkers (reference to Walking Dead) as conceivable under a 80s soundtrack with a retro-cutting edge realistic character since it occur in a fascination named « Spaceland ». The player is anticipated into an entertainment mecca under cutting edge view where we can discover zombies masked as comedians, rides as spaceships, a lively dancefloor and some more....

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How To Create 80s Style Retrowave / Synthwave Art in Adobe Photoshop

Creation of 80s Style Retrowave Synthwave Art Just like the Retrowave music genre, the aesthetics of the 1980s have inspired the popular art style that incorporates visual elements from 80s arcades, action movies, fashion and pop culture. Wireframe computer graphics, reflective chrome text, electric blues and hot pinks are just some of the themes associated with this nostalgic style. Follow along with this Adobe Photoshop tutorial to create your own retro artwork, featuring a surreal sci-fi scene with vivid colours.   Later You can immerse yourself with 80s inspired art with a quick Pinterest or Tumblr search, where you’ll quickly discover reoccurring elements and styles that form the basis of this popular look. Some of those features we’ll use in...

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