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All About ORAX ! Retrowave/ Synthwave Artist ORAX's Career and Life

Who is ORAX ? Biography of Orax ORAX is an Italian musician and producer. His genre could be basically described as ‘’synthwave’’. His music also has elements from 80’s electronic music. He is a very successful musician in especially mixing the modern synthwave and 80’s sound. The soundtracks of 1980’s cult movies is very effective on his sound. He is also influenced by 1980’s English New Wave. He gave concerts in some major cities of the world such as NYC, Helsinki, Cologne, Milan, London, Paris and more. ORAX's Early Career ORAX is a really successful guitarist. From 1995 to 2003, he took part in an Italian electronic music band, XILEMA as guitarist and composer. In 2011 he started his first...

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2019 Men's Streetwear Trends

Streetwear 2019 - Men's Fashion Fashion events 2019 began to reveal the male streetwear fashion slowly. As we see in the shows of Popular brands such as June, the male streetwear style in the new year will vary considerably. I think you'll understand what we mean when you read this article completely. Streetwear in men's clothing still has a very large place in 2019 . Casual cut clothes, one of the main elements of this movement, started to leave its place to the tracksuits. Streetwear seems to begin to re-fashion the Popular bags in the 90s. It seems that this style will no longer see much more in Paris and Milan fashion weeks.  Slacks Insted of Skinny Pants   We're no longer...

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