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Who is ORAX ?

Biography of Orax

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ORAX is an Italian musician and producer. His genre could be basically described as ‘’synthwave’’. His music also has elements from 80’s electronic music. He is a very successful musician in especially mixing the modern synthwave and 80’s sound. The soundtracks of 1980’s cult movies is very effective on his sound. He is also influenced by 1980’s English New Wave. He gave concerts in some major cities of the world such as NYC, Helsinki, Cologne, Milan, London, Paris and more.

ORAX's Early Career

ORAX concert
ORAX is a really successful guitarist. From 1995 to 2003, he took part in an Italian electronic music band, XILEMA as guitarist and composer. In 2011 he started his first solo Project. He is worked with some famous artists such ahs, Cassius, VNV Nation, Darren Price, Covenant and more. In an official tour DVD of Wolfgang Flur (Kraftwerk), ‘’MUSIK SOLDAT’’, a live performance from ORAX took place.

The First Single and First Album of ORAX

The first single of ORAX was ‘’FAITH’’ the single was released on April 2011 by Discipline records. However, he hit the big time in 2012, with his debut album. The name of the album was ‘’BETRAY’’. The first video clip of the album was shot for ‘’Rockers’’ by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro e Laila Sonsino. The video clip won the "the best music video" award in Atlanta Film Festival Georgia (USA). In 2013, ORAX was chosen as the music project of the week by MTV new generation.

Albums: Dreaming and After Death

Dreaming and After Death
An EP, named as DREAMING, was released in November 2013, by Future City Records. A video clip was shot for the song and it was directed by Berta O. Peig and Josep Prat Sorolla. The second EP of ORAX was ‘’AFTER DEATH’’ and it was released in April 2014, by Future City Records.
The EP "AFTER DEATH" is out from 20th April 2014 on Future City Records (USA)

Album: FEARS

ORAX fears album
In 2015, a new single of ORAX, FEARS was released in the most important American synthwave channel New Retro Wave.


ORAX continues to compose songs in the synthwave genre. After FEARS, he released one more EP, two singles and four albums. In 2015, ORAX self released his new EP Until The End. All songs were created and composed by ORAX. After that, he released MISSING, a single by New Retro Wave. Then, he released COMETA (album) in 2016, DEEPER (album) in 2017, OMEN (single) in 2017, TEARWAVE (album) in 2018, and finally, his last album FILM, in 2020. All of those albums, singles, EPs which were released after UNTIL THE END, was released by New Retro Wave. He is one of the popular musicians of synthwave genre now.


ORAX Discography:

2011 - FAITH (singolo) Discipline Records (ita)
2012 - BETRAY (album)
2013 - DREAMING (EP)
2014 - FEARS (single) New Retro Wave Records (USA)
2015 - MISSING (single) New Retro Wave Records (USA)
2016 - COMETA (album) New Retro Wave Records (USA)
2017 - DEEPER (album) New Retro Wave Records (USA)
2017 - OMEN (single) New Retro Wave Records (USA)
2018 - TEARWAVE (album) New Retro Wave Records (USA)
2020 - FILM (album) New Retro Wave Records (USA)


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A great album of ORAX:

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