Skater Streetwear Outfit Fashion and Trends of 2019

What are the most popular Skater Streetwear Outfit Fashion and Trends of 2019?

Yeah, I've noticed a lot of people they're picking up fashion cues from skaters and you know I thought it would make sense to shed some light on the aesthetic. So yeah bro I'm gonna shred some looks. I'm break it down in three things for you to make it look easier.



First thing we're gonna be the shoes no this might be the most important thing of the three  depending on how you look at it. Now it's pretty obvious that skaters don't wear runners don't really work well with what they need to accomplish on the board Ido notice that they usually offer durable and flat sole shoe to get the job done without breaking it.  The old school and State High shoes!
Skater Streetwear shoes sneakers
God, I know you might think "well yeah no shit but wait" there's more, so these shoes work well because they're relatively affordable and they also look good beat-up they also meet the needs of skiers which is why they use them but for the aesthetic it's easy to pair them with whatever outfit because the colors are so neutral.So yeah if you don't like Vans you can also look at a pair of Nike Blazers as those are pretty tight as well you know, they are pretty sick.


Streetwear Skater Pants 2019

Second thing I'm a cover up this camp it's more convenient to wear shorts when skating is you have more room to move but if and when skate wears pants they're usually a little loose. Not so much just say they're almost like parachute pants but there's some room also not to say that you can't wear slim jeans but it's just another option from your usual fitted denim. But I see a lot of students where in loose jeans or the couple comes to them kind of like how girls are all of the jeans but not to that degree more of a functional cuffs as the whole aesthetic is kind of like a comfy mix with functional. So I've seen a lot of rolled up chinos and light wash jeans is those types in particular look good cuffed with high socks. As I like to say "cuff the jeans cuff the chicks".


Skater Streetwear 2019 loose tops
The last one has got to be tops it's obvious that skaters tend to lead towards certain expensive brands but I'll leave that to your personal taste. What I want to touch up on is the fit. The shirts they usually wear tend to be a bit oversized, I don't know why it might be that since all they do is shred all day. They're probably in decent shape or do to be a inability to afford food because you guys spend too much on your boards because your board is your life bro. How much you know it's just a style the other tops are usually very loose-fitting to match their nature but you can do whatever you want I'm just giving you options. 

Put it in a nutshell

Wrapping it up the proton quote skater I said consists of three things in my opinion.The first one is the flat-soled durable shoe. Usually ask a higher old-school business because they're pretty cheap, fashionably tasteful and they're both booked second thing that adds the look is pants if the skater isn't wearing  shorts. Nowadays I usually see the vintage loose denim look opting out from  the usual slim fit jeans. You can also pick up a looser fitted pair of pants and cut them while adding high socks to your liking, because remember my quote "cuff the jeans, cuff the chicks". Last but not least the tops, just like the jeans the top tends to be a little loose fitting as well. All in all skaters are usually pretty chill as it reflects in their outfit loosen laid-back is how you should rock this aesthetic as you can't really be so uptight with these types of clothes on.

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