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Skater Streetwear Outfit Fashion and Trends of 2019

What are the most popular Skater Streetwear Outfit Fashion and Trends of 2019? Yeah, I've noticed a lot of people they're picking up fashion cues from skaters and you know I thought it would make sense to shed some light on the aesthetic. So yeah bro I'm gonna shred some looks. I'm break it down in three things for you to make it look easier. Shoes    First thing we're gonna be the shoes no this might be the most important thing of the three  depending on how you look at it. Now it's pretty obvious that skaters don't wear runners don't really work well with what they need to accomplish on the board Ido notice that they usually offer...

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Who is LukHash ? Everything About His Music and Career

Lukhash Born Agust 17, 1984, known professionally as Lukhash, is a Polish musician, producer and DJ. Born in Wroclaw Poland. It all started in 2003, when LukHash began creating and recording musical compositions as SH Music. A veritable one-man-band, he wrote and recorded all parts for guitars, bass, piano, drums and synths himself. Six years later, the sound began to tilt more towards the electronic, as inspiration manifested from the machines of bygone years. He began experimenting with SID chiptune and the Nintendo digital logic soundchip as well as Commodore 64 systems and a couple of 1989's hacked Nintendo Gameboy consoles. The result was a blend of original 8bit sound channeled into 80's and Rock music known as LukHash. From then...

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What is Retrowave ? Who Started it ?

Retrowave Hello, What is retrowave? Could it be anything made in today's day and aged stylized to eighties anime? Could it be this cool-looking font on the poster from the movie drive? Could it be a wave of water named Gerald who likes to listen to outdated music? Well maybe it's all of those things but maybe it's also none of those things possibly. Retrowave or synthwave as it's commonly known can mean a variety of  different things for many different people for some it's confined to a musical genre and for others it's a distinct style or a way of expression and for some it's just a joke to enjoy ironically. But I think it's anything with an absurd...

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