Where Did Stussy Brand Get It's Name ? Why ?

Famous Streetwear Brand Stüssy

Shawn Stussy was 29 years old in 1979. He was doing surfboard production at Laguna Beach. In order to mark the boards he made, he signed a pencil on the boards, and this signature was the logo of the apparel brand he founded.

Streetwear Brand Stussy

An Interview in 1993

According to an interview in 1993, he said he didn't know that his t-shirts would be loved so much. Signed t-shirts were actually created to advertise the surfboards he produced.


“So it’s ‘77 and you start hearing the Sex Pistols and after that The Clash, so by late ‘78, ‘79, it’s very much a punk aesthetic that I discovered and got into. So when I went to do it on my own, I scribbled it down and that was how I wrote my name. It was very much a “Yeah, fuck you old guys!”

– Shawn Stussy in Acclaim Magazine”



This rapid success of the brand has been associated with the popularity of hip-hop, skating and surf lovers. It was also adopted by punk subculture and other street subcultures. In an interview in 1992, Stussy said: "Everybody calls this a surfing outfit, or an urban street or a surfing street or streetwear. But I want to name it"

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