Why You Should Be Buying Vintage Streetwear

What's up you guys, today you're gonna find out why you should be buying Vintage Streetwear, because it's still slept on and the price ratio is so low.


Benefits of Vintage Streetwear

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I'm put you guys on I'll bring it down in three things and they're gonna be Uniquity, diversity and accessibility.
And you get out of the way quick it's cheap as heck.



So starting off with uniquity I mean you're gonna be unique or in better terms rare. If you buy something from your local intage spot or find something cheap online chances are you're not gonna find someone else wearing that piece as opposed to something you bought from H&M. So now ask why do people even buy supreme in limited stuff it's because it's rare to even have those things so you feel good knowing that you have what other people want or can't have so instead of going to stock X and sorting by popular you can chill out on pieces that you personally like and no you won't see everyone else wear down. So having your own pieces that you can rotate around without the worry of people overplaying them is a good feeling. It's like having a loyal girl and knowing that she's not sleeping with any other guys like that's all yours bro you don't have to sell a kidney to get it and it was probably like $20 from
Newretro.Net or something.



Diversity Streetwear
Next we got diversity for this bit is easy anyone can rock Vintage Streetwear. Diversity I mean fashion is whatever you want to be invented street wear can range from just an old t-shirt to some supercool windbreaker all in the same store. There are pieces out there for every stylish as a matter of looking and everyone sees things differently so what some people may think something wack other people may see it as a cool shirt. There are so many different things you're able to build any look you want. An example is like tech wear plenty  of old windbreakers and cargo pants to choose from making it easy to find technical looking pieces another one is like the Saint Laurent look easy to find old flowy button-downs and boots so even for a more formal look like that there's material also there's a lot of room for DIY like old denim jackets pants or even choose so if you don't like it initially  there's a lot of things you can do considering how cheap these things were in the first place. You're not limited looking like you're from San Francisco and you smell like pine and drink cucumber water. You have creative diversity on what you  want to do with these pieces and that's like super cool right? Also double cheap bro.



Lastly we got accessibility and look at where we are a thrift store finding Vintage stuff because it's that easy. These things are everyone are flooded with Vintage stuff but not only do you have in-person locations. I use eBay to by ultra all the time and most likely I'll find them for like twenty twenty dollars something. It's super accessible yet you're getting pieces that nobody's gonna have. I don't know why I'm sharing this tip with you because now everyone's gonna find where I buy stuff but who cares? it's like three minutes deep in the article and I don't think I can take it back.


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