Everything About 80's Fashion

'80s Fashion

General Situation

First of all, we have to look at the general situation in the 1980s. The coup took governance In Argentina, Chile and in Turkey, Africa's hunger struggle, IRA's rise in the UK, the Palestinian issue and the endless bloody clashes started by armed organizations immediately after hippie times in 60's ... After such painful days, the newly-grown young generation displayed an apolitical and extreme attitude to ignore past suffering.





80's colors







perhaps People, in the chaotic environment of the 80s, were trying to make themselves feel good and energized with colors and excess. Especially in the 80s, the punk fashion that emerged in Europe was the expression of this situation. Punk teens with colorful hair, creepy piercings, leather trousers and gothic makeup; in fact they were challenging the whole world without knowing what ideology they had adopted.











General Features of 80s Fashion

Exaggerated manner of fluffy hair, leggings, various hair bands, pants in trousers, rap music, aerobics, wadded jackets, leopard-patterned outfits , arcade games and many more.

80s fashion

Designers bravely placed their logo on their designs and clothing became elite status symbols. Synthetic fabrics fell out of form in this period and became obsolete. This demodule, the yarn feeds the popularity of wool and silk. Thus, yarn, wool and silk are re-formed.

80'S Aerobics

Along with the aerobics craze in the 80s; bright tights and leggings, tracksuits worn for running became socially acceptable. 

Night Dresses Evening dress 80s

In the 1980s; night dresses covered with tassels and beads, colorful and bold makeup styles, pads, large necklaces and long pendant earrings were the most important fashion pieces of the period.

Vivienne Westwood 80s

Many pop music stars have also become style symbols. New Wave music and the corresponding New Romantics style have been made more popular by the designer Vivienne Westwood in London. Vivienne Westwood met fashion with corsets and then created the mini-crini. 

Fame Series 80s
On the other hand, there was the Fame series that influenced young people.

Shoe Fashions in the 1980s

For the young women of the period, the shoes were high-heeled shoes. So that it appears in Jellies; colorful, transparent and plastic soles until you take the popularity of shoes.

Hair Fashion in the 1980s

During this period, with the return of the film and music world, quite large and eccentric hairstyles have become popular. In its content, hair foams containing rinse aid and hair, which gives the women the brightness they want, volume, has become widespread.

Many women chose to dye their hair color, burgundy or red in these years. During this period, the rivets were very popular. Long earrings were worn on one side for long rivets.

1980's Makeup Fashion

The make-up of these years included exaggerated pink green and blue colors. Most women tried to have a shiny, radiant skin from porcelain dolls. In the eyes, the shades of blue were preferred. The luminous glow and headlamps added to the density covered the eyelids along the length. This ambitious make-up was done by the women day and night without discrimination. In addition to this, three colors of interesting and glamorous eye makeup came up.

80s Beach Fashion

We see bold lines on the beaches in the 1980s. deep and high-cut bikinis and swimsuits ...


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