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All About ORAX ! Retrowave/ Synthwave Artist ORAX's Career and Life

Who is ORAX ? Biography of Orax ORAX is an Italian musician and producer. His genre could be basically described as ‘’synthwave’’. His music also has elements from 80’s electronic music. He is a very successful musician in especially mixing the modern synthwave and 80’s sound. The soundtracks of 1980’s cult movies is very effective on his sound. He is also influenced by 1980’s English New Wave. He gave concerts in some major cities of the world such as NYC, Helsinki, Cologne, Milan, London, Paris and more. ORAX's Early Career ORAX is a really successful guitarist. From 1995 to 2003, he took part in an Italian electronic music band, XILEMA as guitarist and composer. In 2011 he started his first...

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All About Com Truise ! Synthwave / Retrowave Artist Com Truise's Music Career

Com Truise Com Truise is an electronic musician from New York, the USA. His real name is Seth Haley and he is currently living in California. As you can guess, he created his stage name Com Truise by a spooning the name of famous American actor Tom Cruise. He describes his own music style as ‘’mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk’’. His songs are represented by Downtown Music Publishing.   Early Life and Career of Com Truise Com Truise is from New York as we said above and he is born and raised there. He also started his music career in New York. We can say that he was active in music for most of the 2010’s. However, he used different pseudonyms...

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What's the Difference Between Vaporwave and Synthwave ( Outrun )

Vaporwave vs. Synthwave (Outrun) and Difference Across this large space of Online retro art, we often have two distinct genres on one hand Outrun and on the other Vaporwave but as you can see on r/vaporwave aesthetics and r/Outrun, it can be hard to tell the difference. Once there was peace in the online communities of r/vaporwave aesthetics and r/outrun, but as time passed these new recruits entered the fold, the lines between  these two genres became more and more unstable. These green recruits couldn't really tell the difference between the outrun and  vaporwave aesthetics leading to confusion in the communities. It's a dark time when posts as this gets tagged as Vaporwave  Something like this Is called outrun.  But...

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What Does Synthwave Mean ? Fashwave Meaning, Definition & Explanation

What is Synthwave ? What does it mean ? Synthwave also called Ultron retro wave and future syns is a genre of electronic music influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games. Beginning in the mid-2000s the genre developed from various niche communities on the internet reaching wider popularity in the early 2010's. In its music and cover artwork synth wave engages in retro-futurism emulating 1980s science-fiction action and horror  media. Sometimes compared to cyberpunk it expresses nostalgia for 1980s culture attempting to capture the year's atmosphere and celebrate it.  Musically    Musically Synthwave is heavily inspired by many 1980s films video games and cartoons as well as composers such as John Carpenter Vangelis and tangerine dream. The sub-genre named...

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Who is LukHash ? Everything About His Music and Career

Lukhash Born Agust 17, 1984, known professionally as Lukhash, is a Polish musician, producer and DJ. Born in Wroclaw Poland. It all started in 2003, when LukHash began creating and recording musical compositions as SH Music. A veritable one-man-band, he wrote and recorded all parts for guitars, bass, piano, drums and synths himself. Six years later, the sound began to tilt more towards the electronic, as inspiration manifested from the machines of bygone years. He began experimenting with SID chiptune and the Nintendo digital logic soundchip as well as Commodore 64 systems and a couple of 1989's hacked Nintendo Gameboy consoles. The result was a blend of original 8bit sound channeled into 80's and Rock music known as LukHash. From then...

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