A Mix of Old Products and New Brands / by Thomas Ollivier

Spotify walkman Thomas Ollivier

A Mix of Old Products and New Brands / by Thomas Ollivier

A designer by the name of Thomas Olliver is making an extraordinary project that is far from ordinary design.

In this project, Thomas has created a beautiful mix by blending completely new phone applications with the unforgettable products that we all used and which we never stop using them those days. 




3D glass Thomas Ollivier Netflix


This project can be popularized very quickly. For people who like retro-like trends, these designs can be a treasure. People can enjoy seeing such images, share them on their own social media platforms, and even some companies can start produce the real products of these designs. We'il wait until then.

Now we leave you with these beautiful visuals.


pager Facebook Thomas Ollivier

Instagram camera Thomas Ollivier


Walkie Talkie Thomas Ollivier whatsapp


Google Thomas Ollivier Old Retro


Thomas Ollivier Snapchat


Adobe Photoshop Thomas Ollivier retro

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