All About Waveshaper ! Synthwave / Retrowave Artist Waveshaper's Music Career


All About Waveshaper ! Synthwave / Retrowave Artist Waveshaper's Music Career
Waveshaper is a Swedish electronic musician. His real name is Tom Andersson. He was born in 26 September 1984. His sub-genre could be defined as synthwave It is very easy to catch the sound of sci-fi movies’ soundtracks from the 80’s. He is very influenced by the soundtracks of those movies.If you like the sound of the old video games, you will also recognize the effect of the some significant composers like Chris Huelsbeck.

He is mostly influenced by Kraftwerk, Daft Punk and Jean Michel Jarre. He is known for the retro futuristic touches in his music. To compose his songs he uses a variety of hardware synthesizers such as ARP 2600, Roland Jupiter-4, and Korg MS-20.


Debut Album and Singles

Lost Shapes Album cover waveshaper Debut Album and Singles

His debut album is named as Tracks To The Future and released by Lunar Boogie in 2013. There were 12 different songs in the album. The album was generally described as ‘’energetic’’ and ‘’lively’’ by the listeners. Waveshaper also released lots of singles for his listeners. His first single was Dangerous Love and it was released in 2013. In the same year, his second single So French Disco was released. In 2014, he released two singles. The first one was Modern Technology and Robert Parker also took part in that single. The second one is Radio signal. In 2015, he released My Faust - Death Race (Waveshaper Remix) and Crystal Protocol. In 2017, he released 66 Mhz. Especially, Modern Technology was really admired by the synthwave listeners. It was a good mixture of the electronic music sound of the 80’s and today’s.


Other Albums

Waveshaper album cover best song great
After his debut album which was released in 2013, he released 9 albums in 6 years. Retro Future was released in 2014, and as you can understand from its name, the album has some retro futuristic elements which Waveshaper loves very much. In his other albums, he continued to compose synthwave songs which reflected his style. The mixture of the 80’s electronic sound which reminiscents the soundtracks of the sci-fi movies of the era and today's electronic sound is dominant in his albums. Other albums of Waveshaper are ; Sounds That Kill in 2014 from Telefuture Records, Solar Drifter in 2015 from Rad Rush Records, Exploration 84 in 2015 (Self Released) Station Nova in 2016, from NewRetroWave Records, Velocity in 2017, Lost Shapes in 2018, Lost Shapes Reinvented in 2018 and Artifact in 2019.

Other Projects

Waveshaper also took part in the documentary film, The Rise of The Synths, which was released in 2019. The film was about the origins of the Synthwave. The narrator of the movie was famous director John Carpenter.

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