An Amazing Synthwave Album " Synthian " by NINA ( Release on June 5th 2020 )


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The indisputable Queen of Synthwave

The indisputable Queen of Synthwave, NINA returns with a long awaited smashing second album "Synthian", which includes the fantastic singles 'Automatic Call' and 'The Calm Before The Storm'.

Collaborations and Process of the Album Synthian 

The album took two years in the making, and was written in collaboration with LAU (Laura Fares) and produced by some of the best music producers in the world including Richard X, Oscillian, Ricky Wilde and Till Wild, who are heavily involved in the Synthwave scene. NINA recorded the album in the UK and Sweden.

What is Synthian?

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'Synthian' explores the depths of love, technology, desire, humanity and the soul. The title track 'Synthian' is a love note to her fans, where NINA expresses her gratitude for the support she's been getting throughout the years. NINA gave her fans the nickname 'Synthian' some time ago. 'The Wire' touches a darker side of her previously released records. It's about feeling disconnected to the world. Losing the sense of being human and having a deep desire for the human touch. 'The Distance' is about a long distance relationship and how true love can span miles and beyond. It has a more cinematic approach, heavily inspired by the likes of M83 and Woodkid. 'Synthian' also offers poppier songs, like 'Unnoticed', 'Runaway' and 'Gave Up On Us', that will surely make you dance the night away.

Release Date of Synthian

Release date of Synthian album nina sounduk

'Synthian' is due for release on June 5th 2020 via Aztec Records and is set to be the Synthwave album of the Year.

Nina - Synthian (feat. LAU)

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