History of Game Boy


Gunpei Yokoi, the creator of Game Boy, developed a game called Game & Watch. This device, which sells over 43 million units in the world, was a revolution and started the era of handheld game consoles.

Although Game & Watch has only been available for 2 years, the great success it has been achieved with led screens. Yokoi and his team to develop a new 8-bit R & D system. This is called Game Boy and was launched on April 21, 1989 in Japan.
While the device was powered by four AA batteries, it was also able to work with a 6V DC adapter. There was a headphone jack at the bottom. Apart from these, the legendary connection entrance was also on the side. With this input you can connect two Game Boy's or use the Game Boy printer to print the image on thermal paper.


This technology was used for Pokémon transfer in Pokémon games.

Tetris was the game that has come out of thousands of games and keeps the record of being the best selling game. In the same period, only tetris devices were sold. According to official figures, Tetris's Game Boy version sold 30.26 million. The game that followed her later was Pokémon Red and Blue, a tall, long-lasting one. (23.64 Million)

After that, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions were released onto the first version of Game Boy, which was later referred to as Game Boy Colorless. (I don't talk about intermediate versions like Game Boy Pocket and Light.)
When Game Boy Color was released in 1998, another cycle was closed. Handheld consoles have now also entered the colorful world. Moreover, based on NES technology, this device was able to play Game Boy Colorless cartridges in color. This was the case for the old Game Boy players.

In 2001, he continued the Nintendo revolution and launched the 32-bit hendheld device Game Boy Advance. However, as in the title of our article, we will not enter the 2000s yet. So I'm turning you back into the 8-bit world.

Game Boy was separated from the other consoles with his unique features. It was especially indispensable for the children going on vacation with their family. In a short period of time, even in the souvenir shops to sell the games to the children began to take place.

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