How to Wear Pants for Streetwear in 2019 ?

Streetwear Pants in 2019 and How to Style them ?

What up fellas it's Newretro.Net and we are going to talk about pants... they're probably the most important clothing piece in your wardrobe. So we're just gonna hop right into it imma talk about my favorite pants that I like to wear. First up as of the writing of this blog, spring is right around the corner. Warm weather is coming so that means distressed denim is your best friend. Now this can be liar dark denim but it doesn't matter distress denim just adds a completely different look to your outfit each distressed area gives a bit of character and it adds a bit of  edginess to your outfit. However it has been really in since 2018 and although I do see people moving away from this look it is still nice in my opinion. The most popular distressed denim out there is obviously the fear of God didn't go denim this pair of distressed jeans made a huge splash during its inception in the fear of God fourth collection. They released at a retail price of 895 dollars (bro I ain't paying for that). So you find a lot of cheaper alternatives online for minimal hyper denim and many others those are just the most popular ones. Otherwise you can offer a different type of distressing there are plenty of different designs out there.

Athletic Pants


The next pair of pants that you need our athletic pants "But Johnny I don't train" "shut up and getyou lazy ass to the gym man" there's gonna be track pants joggers anything you see a gym bro warehouse is an athletic pants these pants look far with any type of runner, fans or low top sneakers. They're super simple comfortable and vs. house you can rock these in pretty much any occasion so  long as they taper down at the ankle area. Otherwise if it's your typical gray baggy sweatpants I would move away from that. Right now I'm really feeling these strap cargo joggers it's not your typical track pants and y'all know cargos on my thing these are my favorite as of right now.

Black Denim

So the next pair of pants that you need is of course black denim definitely the lost versatile pair of pants out there black denim is very neutral will suit any aesthetic and go with any outfit. Because you don't have to worry about matching any colors you can focus on a monochrome look the all-black look or a contrasting look and what I mean by this is wearing all shades of black grey or contrasting it  with a lighter color like whites cream or any pastel color. It is by far my favorite pair of pants so recently I had to stop wearing them because you boys in front squatting okay and because of that my top man pair of pants was giving me  some chafing issues on my leg so I had to stop wearing them completely and my other pair of black denim is zipper denim. Y'all know I don't walk that as much anymore either but until now I finally found a pair that doesn't give me any chafing issues to fits your boys massive large I'm just playin man my legs are still small but I have added a bit of muscle mass in that area and I'm basic we outgrew my old pair of black pants. 

Cargo Pants

next pair of pants I really like to rock are cargos I've already made a dedicated video on this already but the reason why I like it is because it's very unique look. It has been modernized into a super clean trend that I think anyone can get behind. They come in many designs, straps utility and even crazy prints and colors You definitely don't want to miss out on this trend fellas.

Crop Pants

Last but not least y'all are gonna want to cup a pair of either crop pants or pants that you can cut cropped pants have basically been instance around 2017. What I like about it is you get the look of cuff in your pants without having to cuff your pants it's a perfect pair of pants for spring and summer and for the colder months you can wear a pair of crew socks with either a cool design or a different type of color. Either way I feel like cropped pants are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and if you're still a little bit uncomfortable you stick to the cuffed pants.
Alright fellas 
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