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How to Wear Pants for Streetwear in 2019 ?

Streetwear Pants in 2019 and How to Style them ? What up fellas it's Newretro.Net and we are going to talk about pants... they're probably the most important clothing piece in your wardrobe. So we're just gonna hop right into it imma talk about my favorite pants that I like to wear. First up as of the writing of this blog, spring is right around the corner. Warm weather is coming so that means distressed denim is your best friend. Now this can be liar dark denim but it doesn't matter distress denim just adds a completely different look to your outfit each distressed area gives a bit of character and it adds a bit of  edginess to your outfit. However it...

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Everything About Japanese Streetwear

What is Japanese Streetwear and How to Wear It?  Konichiwa up guys so like I've been watching a lot of animes I mean Japanese streetwear is really just a unique and overlooked take on fashion is totally not an anime. I'm gonna break it down into three things and they're gonna be tops bottoms and shoes so take off your damn shoes in the house and let's get started. Japanese Streetwear Tops Damn I don't know how people can wear shoes in the house I mean it's so uncomfortable. Whatever, tops as a very grunge and almost post-apocalyptic vibe to the garments obviously you can just say "what, dude just wear Ape (A Bathing Ape) like Ape is Japanese brand" but...

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Where Did SUPREME Brand Get It's Name ? Why ?

Supreme's Name  Supreme's Story Supreme is an American skateboarding shop and garments brand. set up in New York City in April 1994. The brand obliges the skateboarding, hip hop, and rock societies, just as to the young culture when all is said in done. The brand produces garments and adornments and furthermore fabricates skateboards. Its shoes, dress, and embellishments are sold broadly in the auxiliary market. The brand was founded by James Jebbia. Although he was born in the United States, he lived in England until he was 19. Jebbia has no title within the company They Don't Have the Trademark of Supreme As we know, Supreme is one of the most famous street clothing brands. It is possible to find fans of this...

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