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As you’ll no doubt already be aware, the Amiga is a family of personal computers sold from 1985 by Commodore. It was host to some of the greatest games of our childhood, including Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, Syndicate, Flashback, and many many others that we don’t have time to go through here.


Personally, it’s the Amiga 500 that we remember the most fondly. It made the jump from an 8-bit CPU to 32 bits and 7 MHz of speed, along with 512KB of RAM, support for up to 4096 colors, and an internal 3.5-inch floppy drive. Overall, the Amiga range sold approximately 6 million units, which was an amazing number for any computer launched in the 1980s.


Then Amiga


So we were extremely excited to find out that there’s a new way to play our old Commodore Amiga games. This new device, known as the ‘Armiga’, ‘aims to emulate both the Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM and Amiga 1200 with 2MB of RAM as close as possible to the original ones.’

DARMA Projects, the creator of this fantastic new device (which is built around a modern Dual Core ARM CPU), have developed their own controller which is able to read Amiga disks, decode them and make them available to play.

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