New Retro Gaming bar

Retro Gaming Lovers Will Love It!



A new retro gaming and instant ramen bar is opening in Glasgow - and we couldn't be more excited.

Situated at 146 Saltmarket, R-Cade will officially open its doors to a game-loving, noodle-munching public on January 20.

The bar looks like a gamers' dream, slickly decorated and boasting classic games consoles and arcade machines dating back five decades.

What a cool place!

The consoles are all set up in specially designed display cabinets and range from the early days of Atari right through to the Xbox and present day. Whisper it, they even have Sega Megadrives.

"The idea for R-Cade came out of my want to upcycle and save old consoles," said owner, Androo Faulkner. "That started around two years ago when I built one of the machines, fitted it inside the cabinet and got it running - it's all snowballed from there and the finished result is this venue.

"We've had a great reaction from people. We're seeing a bit of an 80s/90s boom at the moment, with people going back to the music and styles of that time. People the games from when they were younger. They are so excited about getting to play them again.

"We're 90% there for the launch," added Androo. "We've just got the signage to go up and a few little details to fix here and there. All the machines are set up and so is the ramen bar, we'll be ready to go for January 20."

While giving people the chance to play games they will also be able to take their pick from a selection of the world's finest instant noodles. And if freeze dried potted snacks are your thing - this is a very big deal.


The team behind R-Cade are also set to build a little community down at the bar and not only are they running costume theme nights but they will be hosting workshops, gaming clinics and other events. 

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