What is New Retro and Synthwave?

New Retro and Synthwave

"New retro is a cultural movement to reshape and integrate aspects of the 80s such as culture, ideas and vibe in today's society."
Newretro is kind of music, clothing, illustration and general art movement.
The music section of this movement; It is the result of blending 80's club musics with new drops and beats. This music style is usually called; Synthwave, New Retro Wave, Synthpop and Outrun. Leading artists of music style; New Retro Wave, Travor Something, Kavinsky, Miami Nights 1984 etc .. The overall appearance of this music style is based on electronic music. But it is sometimes inspired by pop and rock music.

The illustration of New Retro style is dominated by purple, pink and black colors. The photo and picture segment of the style also includes black, purple and pink colors. Sometimes these colors can also include blue.

In the clothing segment of this current; It is mainly weighted in single color leather, jeans jackets. Besides, colorful bomber jackets are also very popular. The movement is exactly the mixture of 80s and new generation. Usually white t-shirts and jeans are preferred and combined with black sunglasses. Simple and stylish looking Converse shoes are look very good at these combinations.


Main idea of the New Retro


The fact that life was much better in the 80s, much better quality music was heard, friendships, loves and emotions were felt much better at that time.

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