What is New Retro Music

New Retro


The main idea of the new retro music style is the mixture of synth music with the melodic infrastructure. Melodic is inspired by rhythms and beats playing in night clubs in the 80s. I'm sure most of us have seen Scarface, and most of us remember the malibu club in this movie, we can say that New Retro is the reproduction of music at that Club.



New Retro music is sometimes very hard sometimes can be very chillout. New retro is the most popular type of music for us, we always listen to New Retro music while designing products at Newretro.Net's team. 

The list of the most well-known artists of this type of music is listed below;
(If you are one of these artists, thank you the emotions you made me us feel.and we are grateful to you to inspire us!)

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