What is Scandroid ?


Scandroid is an electronic music venture made by Klayton, and recently included Varien in 2013. The venture discharged its introduction single, "Salvation Code", on August 6, 2013, which was added to the presentation collection Scandroid upon discharge. Scandroid can be depicted as incorporating the retro synth songs of the 80s while as yet adjusting to present day generation, along these lines making another retro sound.

A picture was prodded of a skull-like logo, by means of the Celldweller Facebook page on July 16, 2013 implying at an approaching undertaking. On July 24, 2013, an official declaration was presented on Celldweller, basically titled "What is the Salvation Code?" In continuation with the mystery, their site SalvationCode.com propelled, requiring a secret word for passage; this secret key could be discovered utilizing insights from past recordings and in addition from a puzzle conveyed to clients whom presented an "overlooked secret key" shape. In the wake of entering the secret word ("2513"), the clients could get to an all-inclusive review of the unreleased melody utilized in the past mystery, and were given the clue that August 6, 2013 would be the arrival of the full tune, "Salvation Code".


Amid the secret of the second video, a picture of Klayton (as Red) and Varien (as Raven) can be seen inferring the team cooperating on this new single. The two performers presented on their individual social pages, alongside the recently made Scandroid page. The post expressed that Scandroid's music would comprise of components of 1980s retro and electronic music with what they portrayed as a "Neo-Tokyo" topic.

Their first single "Salvation Code" was discharged for nothing download on August 5, 2013, with an official store discharge the following day. New stock was prodded by means of the Scandroid Facebook page, with a connection to the download.[9] The task was advanced on both the Celldweller and Varien social pages.




On November 8, 2013 it was implied by both Celldweller and Varien that another Scandroid track would be discharged soon.[12] Then on December 7, 2013, Scandroid discharged a picture, with a remark expressing that "Covered up in this flyer lies a piece of information in regards to the following transmission...".Another mystery picture discharged on the eleventh, prodding a date ("12.13.13") nearby a statement "Lose all sense of direction in the Datastream." On December 13, 2013, another single titled Datastream was discharged with another enigma; "Modify the expansions of a fresh start with the end goal to READ what others can just SEE." When the single was discharged, a picture was discharged alongside the buy of the track. This present picture's document augmentation could be changed to .pdf; in doing as such the client would open a short story titled Scandroid Origins including both Red and Raven, composed by Brenton Ryan.

Varien, marked as Nick Pittsinger on the name, presented on Twitter that he would never again be a piece of Scandroid, choosing rather to concentrate absolutely on Varien on August 2, 2014. Three days after the fact, Scandroid's new single "Void Streets" was discharged.

Scandroid (2016)

This self-titled collection, was formally discharged on November 11, 2016, which graphed for multi week at No. 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums diagram, and additionally the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums at No. 5.


A front of the Tears for Fears melody "Yell" was debuted on November 10, 2016. Klayton proposed to record it since first hearing it back in 1985. Roland Orzabal clarified that the tune is about the political challenges from the consequence of the Cold War, and that it was consolation to dissent. Taking advantage of this center significance for motivation, Klayton felt that in light of the political distress of 2016, that the time had come to at long last cover the tune. The melody is portrayed as staying loyal to the first, while as yet including its own style utilizing astounding synths that are reminiscent of great 80s pop.

In spite of the fact that Varien was the essayist for "Datastream" and "Salvation Code", as indicated by the credits gave, Klayton created, performed, blended, and composed whatever remains of the tunes that make a big appearance on Scandroid (except for "Yell", composed by Ian Stanley and Roland Orzabal).

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