Who is Futurecop! ?


Futurecop! are British cinematic and electronic music based writers and comprises of Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol.

Early life

Experiencing childhood in Manchester, England, Manzur built up an energy for re-making the electronic synth songs impacted by 1980s/90s sentimentality and fantasies. Manzur made Futurecop! what's more, built up the brand and music from 2005. In any case, it was in 2007 when Futurecop! begun gathering energy, particularly for shows and record names. This is the point at which he enlisted his closest companion since University; Peter Carrol.

Melodic profession

Manzur and Peter met at the college, where they were selected in a similar course. Despite the fact that Manzur was a pariah and Peter was a piece of the prominent group, their affection for 1980s/90s memorabilia united them, and they rapidly turned out to be closest companions.

In the wake of moving on from college, Manzur invested the majority of his energy re-making the sound of his adolescence. With no past learning of electronic creation, he utilized a workstation, a MIDI console and Reason. Iqbal and Carrol joined to shape Futurecop!. They have said Futurecop! is the disclosure of life and past

Because of consideration from prevalent websites and support from different artists, for example, Crystal Castles, Franki Chan, Kissy Sellout, Annie Mac, College, Diplo to give some examples; Futurecop! picked up a huge after. Their most well known tunes included "N.A.S.A.", "Tonite's Hero" and "Transformers".

Futurecop visited broadly in Australia, US (one visit being a 40-date voyage through the entire of US) and Europe. In 2009, they discharged their presentation EP The Unicorn and the Lost City of Alvograth, with Southern Fried Records.

In 2010, they discharged—just in Japan—a 14-track collection It's Forever, Kids for record mark and distributer Media Factory. This collection permitted Futurecop! to try different things with their sound outside their rooms in expert studios, with vocalists and different makers that they met while visiting.

In 2011, Futurecop! discharged their next EP The Adventures of Starpony through Rob Hitt's name Sleepover Party. Their remix of The Naked and Famous' "Young Blood" was played by DJ Tiësto in his reality visit.

2012 saw the arrival of their EP The Movie OST through Kiez Beats Records. This was an electronic instrumental soundtrack made for a made-up retro dream motion picture. The collection topped at number 7 on the Beatport outlines in January 2012. They at that point proceeded to discharge their initial two singles—"Starworshipper" and "The Only Way"— in mid-2012.


Futurecop! discharged their second full-length collection Hopes, Dreams and Alienation, in December 2013. A collection affected by anxiety and their most loved electro impacts, for example, Justice. Remixes originated from Lifelike, Pony Run, Anamanaguchi, Strange Talk and Teen Daze. It got great audits from web journals, for example, Noisey, MTV iggy, Data Transmission and Indie Shuffle.

In 2015 they discharged Fairy Tales : Remixed related to the philanthropy War Child, where they raised €516. This included remixes from synthwave specialists VHS Glitch, Dream Fiend, Timecop1983, Sunglasses Kid and Muneshine to give some examples.

Futurecop! track "Into Your Heart" was included on Cameron Crowe TV Series Roadies (TV arrangement) on 26 June 2016.

On 22 June 2016 Futurecop! discharged an assemblage collection "The Lost Tapes," with old unreleased music from more than seven years. The arrangement was discharged by New Retro Wave Records.

On August 2017 Futurecop! Discharged the collection "Come back to Alvograth" with mark New Retro Wave carefully and on vinyl. The collection saw a more encompassing new age sound with new impacts, for example, enchantment and otherworldliness. Basically the collection was lauded for its development for investigating, growing and propelling the synthwave scene higher than ever.

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