Who is Gunship (Band)?


Gunship (stylised as GUNSHIP) is a British synthwave band framed in 2010 by Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway and later joined by drummer Alex Gingell. Gunship's music has been depicted as "impacted by the soundtracks of 80s film, TV programs, computer games and kid's shows" and "a neon splashed, late night, sonic escape drive, trickling with delectable simple synthesizers, realistic vocals and cyberpunk esteems, detonating from the title page of a dusty plastic VHS case which has lain overlooked since 1984." The band are attributed with advancing the synthwave scene and developing it by including rock tune structure and broad utilization of vocals to a dominatingly instrumental type.


Gunship have a notoriety for making imaginative and fascinating music recordings and worked together with movie executive John Carpenter on their music video for "Tech Noir", a claymation reverence to 1980s sentimentality, co-composed and coordinated by Gunship and Lee Hardcastle. John Carpenter is cited as depicting them as "pleasant and cool." and that "Tech Noir" is "One of my main tunes of the year. Gunship rules." He likewise proceeded to state "It is enjoyable to team up with Gunship." They additionally made the "main music video made in the GTA 5 Rockstar editor"[8] for their tune "The Mountain" and made another completely from pixel workmanship with Jason Tammemagi for the melody "Delight in Your Time".

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