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Born Agust 17, 1984, known professionally as Lukhash, is a Polish musician, producer and DJ. Born in Wroclaw Poland.

It all started in 2003, when LukHash began creating and recording musical compositions as SH Music. A veritable one-man-band, he wrote and recorded all parts for guitars, bass, piano, drums and synths himself.

Six years later, the sound began to tilt more towards the electronic, as inspiration manifested from the machines of bygone years. He began experimenting with SID chiptune and the Nintendo digital logic soundchip as well as Commodore 64 systems and a couple of 1989's hacked Nintendo Gameboy consoles. The result was a blend of original 8bit sound channeled into 80's and Rock music known as LukHash.

From then until now, LukHash has continued his musical evolution, deftly compelling his 8bit mechanized minions to do his bidding via beat-soaked electro chiptune to express things which cannot be said or shown. He exerts a seemingly effortless, yet rare, adept manipulation of his electronic muse... all whilst producing music which unmistakably comes straight from the heart.

Ultimately, innovating with cutting-edge music, programmatic tech-savvy, and unstoppable energy is what LukHash does best - and this is just the beginning for those tuned in to experience comes next...

His new album "Better Than Reality" will be released on May 24th. However, those who wish to obtain this album early can access here:



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Q: Hi LukHash, it’s great to have you on the Jamendo Blog! Most of the readers already know you, but could you tell us more about yourself?

Sure, but I have to warn you right away that it isn't terribly interesting. My journey with music commenced at the age of 4 in pre-school, and then carried on through the primary and high-school years where classical guitar was my main instrument while piano being secondary; moreover there was few additional subjects e.g. Music theory, History of Music. At the age of 19 I decided to start my own music project under the name of LukHash.
I currently create and record songs at home with a use of a single PC and various 8-but consoles & computers including Gameboys, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Commodore 64’s & ZX Spectrum.


Who is Lukhash?


Q: You have created a really specific style, with a lot of 8bit and electronic sounds. Where does your inspiration come from?


We would have to go back into the 80’s when my dad brought home an old 8-bit Commodore 64 which was my first personal computer. As a kid I used to listen to the music from various games and shortly after, it became my favorite genre along mainstream 80’s hits. I also remember I used my one tape deck recorder to capture computer tunes, so that I could listen to it on my walkman without loading the game (which could sometimes take forever) or whenever I was on the move.
In my teenage years I was playing guitar in a band, and exploring various other genres including rock & metal. After a number of years my taste steered towards electro and eventually brought me where I’m today. I think around 2009 I decided to experiment a little bit and try to incorporate sounds from childhood into the music I was already creating.

 Lukhash Playing Music

Q: Your album artwork is always amazing, where do the ideas come from?


While my albums are being put together, I usually ask my wife to put the headphones on, and listen to some of the songs. We then share our feelings and this is where the very initial ideas come from.  Then I usually go and speak to my friend Jolene from Singapore.

Jolene is the person who really takes all the credit for it. Based on some initial ideas she designed and created the full artwork to ‘Falling Apart’ as well as the upcoming new album ‘The Other Side’. Both were done from scratch entirely by her. It’s amazing to see how the initial idea is then being developed and turned into visuals which perfectly describe the mood of the entire album. Jolene is an amazing artist and you can check her other work here


Q: And since it’s a tradition at Jamendo… Could you tell your fans a fun fact about you?


A: I can’t really think of anything on the spot, however there is a fun fact about 2 songs on upcoming album. The main theme of song no.8 “Hold Back” was accidently drafted by my 2 year old daughter who was handed a Gameboy running nanoloop sequencer, while she also provided vocals featured on track no.10 “8-bit Fairy Tale”. A little superstar in the making I guess!


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